Monday, April 24, 2006

The Inaugural Weekly Phoughts to Tonder

I’m starting a weekly rumination entitled Phoughts to Tonder because I realized that I don’t really share anything substantial on my previous posts, it’s just lame pictures and dodgy English. So, without further ado, here it goes!


I just realized that I am lame because I’m a hopeless Metalhead, although the artists and bands that I truly love (Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) do not even contain a Metal element in them. All the sites I visit in the net are devoted to Heavy Metal music, album reviews and news. I write reviews for Encyclopedia Metallum. I post messages on, and I need to get a better life...

I am starting to have faith with the band again. The last two gigs at Fairview and Malate were just powerful and crushing, thanks to Laney Hardcore Max amp and Boss MT-2 MetalZone. Ultimately, it’s the music that saved me from losing my mind on this one.

Do yourself a favor and buy a copy of Samba Rock by Trio Mocotô. Every time I listen to the first track, I imagine myself half-drunk and blindfolded in a wildass party as I attempt to hit a piñata with a spiked club, when I accidentally hit someone in the forehead as I took a full swing, leaving him bleeding and writhing on the floor. Yep, it's that fun...

Things that I learned in working for a newspaper:

  • Rule of thumb: ALWAYS bring a voice recorder.
  • Listen and understand what they’re actually saying when you’re interviewing them. Or at least try to appear as if you understand them.
  • Come in earlier than the given time, 15 minutes or so. They usually have freebies for early birds. I got a free CD player and a copy of Lira Luis’ audio CD which costs around P1,500($30) from her Round Table at Oakwood. Neat.
  • Don’t eat anything before going for a particular event. Usually, and I mean 90% of the time, the event provides the food for the guests.
  • In an event, anything can happen.

The people from Dockers drew my name up from the lot. While I was just minding my business on the corner, taking down notes and nibbling on salted peanuts, the advertising agent called my attention prior to the presentation of the winners, and told me I won. When they called my name and asked me to come up in front to get the check, I can't remove the damn smirk off my face. And that's not even the good news, because along with a gift check comes a bag containing Carlo Rossi California Red! CARLO ROSSI!

  • Most important of all, don't piss off your boss! I think I almost did.


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