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Hangover Sucks

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

All the elements are eloquenced by eternity...

Phoughts to Tonder

E-LIMINATION, II-LIMATION!! E-LIMINATION, EEEEIIYY-LIMINATION!!!!!!I have been so blind all along! Instead of feasting and salivating over Bay Area Thrash scene, I should have listened to balls-to-the-walls Joisey Thrash (read: OVERKILL!) They're pretty much the most soild, consistent, and fairly prolific Metal band, and after listening to some not-so-heavy music as of late, this is a nice, swift Heavy Metal™ kick in the nads. Slayer sucks, Overkill p0wns j00!!!!

A Life Milestone

Who's your daddy, bitch?

I am one of the first people in the world who has taken a piss on SM Mall of Asia on May 20, 2006 , a day before its grand opening, at around 2 p.m. Respect me!

Day Late

I just remembered this morning that X-Men: The Last Stand is premiering today, and to my dismay, I cannot see it today because I'm too lazy to do so. I'll just settle for tomorrow.

Past Revisited

After months of not listening to this album, for reason unknown, I have decided to give it a spin. It turns out that
The Focusing Blur by Vintersorg is an underrated gem, a diamond in the rough, a hidden gold in an unexcavated, unadulterated mine, a...oh, what the hell...A damn fine piece of Cosmic Black Metal (wha..?)

"A microscopical macrocosm,
Of distant mountains and inner plasm,
All the elements are eloquenced by infinity
A microscopical macrocosm,
I and Me float through its chasms,
Filtering the universe through a living internity"

- A Microscopical Macrocosm

Something to really think about

Since 97.69% of my entries are pretty useless ramblings and a pathetic excuse for non-fiction writing, here's something to gnaw your teeth with.


Now think about that, foo'!

Monday, May 22, 2006

lameness moves me

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

NBA's 23

In the NBA, Jersey number 23 simply means Michael Jordan. As simple as that. This indication is an apt tribute to one of basketball's finest players, if not the finest.

However, there are still a number of players wearing the number 23 on their jerseys. It is understandable that these players are paying homage to their basketball hero, but it is disappointing that a lot of players happen to have used this number in their careers.

One of the most glaring is Lebron James, who in fact seems to be destined to become the only player in NBA history who wears the same number as His Airness to reach the level of which Jordan competed and played, if not surpass it. Both are similar in a sense that they have a complete game, although James is taller and has a better physique. And at this stage, he may be the best 21 year old player who played the game, and better than Jordan was when he was 21, no question about that.

Which brings me to the problem about his jersey number. Lebron has the gift, talent, and character to be one of the most identifiable players in NBA history, granted that he keeps his game. But at the same time, he would also be known as the player who used Jordan's jersey number. I know, it's not really a big deal, but he is on his way to making a name for himself in basketball, and he could have used a different number rather than a number from a player that is respected and revered worldwide.

A suggestion to Lebron James, and to other Jordan worshippers out there who are even planning on thinking of donning 23 in their jerseys: wear a different number fer Christ's sake! Invent a new number: 79, 57, 46, 63, 09, whatever that's not yet done before. Don't be like Jordan because you're not! You're a different player than he is, maybe similar but ultimately not the same.

If you're still intent on using the Jordan Number, kudos to you. Just don't complain if everybody's using it too.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Finally! After months of waiting in vain for this day to say these words, I now can shout to the world that...


Honestly, it quite failed to deliver the goods, not because the book is better than the movie (which is true, but that's not the point), but I feel that the storytelling is too fast and quick (or maybe I'm just fucking slow). It does not let the viewers digest every piece of information as much as they could have, which made the book so good. Aside from this, it was entertaining as hell, I didn't go to sleep during the film (always a good thing), and I didn't feel like a jackass after seeing it.
Da Vinci Musings (with Spoilers, of course!):
  • Paul Bettany playing Silas is just pure genius. He easily passes off as an albino, and his menacing look works as well.
  • Sopie Neveu's character was dumbed down, which is a bummer, and gives too much way to Robert Langdon to assume the hero role. Bullllllshit. On a positive note, Sophie Neveu gives justice to Audrey Tautou, especially when Teabing meets her for the first time, kisses her on the hand, and says, "You have a lovely smile!", or something to that extent. Truth is soooo hard to deny.
  • Ian McKellen's role as the annoying Teabing is played with amazing ease and comfort, and his smug and condescending attitude was watered down for the film, which is for the better.

The movie, unfortunately, tweaked the part where both Langdon and Teabing explain the "biggest coverup in human history" to Sophie. In the book, both men team off to explain that Jesus' bloodline was carried on in the present time. In the movie, however, Langdon gets into an argument with Teabing, stating that these are all claims and presuppostions that have yet to be proven.

Another disappointing change is found in the ending of the film. The ending, in fact, made the book so spectacular because it reveals a person, possibly Mary Magdalene herself, after Langdon cracked the code of the last clue that would unveil the location of the Holy Grail. But the person's identity was not revealed, so it makes for compelling intrigue and speculation that provokes the thoughts of readers. In the movie, however, we get to see Langdon standing on top of the Louvre, kneels down, then the camera goes straight down under the Louvre, where the coffin of Mary Magdalene was shown. And that's it. LAAAAAAAAAME!!!!

Changes of these particluar scenes in the movie could be attributed to the negative opinion surrounding the book's claims. Still, whether the content is preposterous or not, the film should not have compromised to social opinion, and should have carried on with what was written in the book.

Finally, some notes parts of the film worthy of mention:

  • The part when Silas smahes the face of the nun with a stone tablet was a hoot! I DIDN'T see that one coming!
  • Expect some people to sneer and belt out incredulous and nervous laughters during the part where both Langdon at Teabing explain the Holy Grail to Sophie.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Thoughts to Ponder

I have seen VH1's Behind the Music of Pantera through YouTube, and although the whole thing was sufficent to satiate the average person's curiosity for the band, it doesn't really say anything new from what has already been said ad nauseum. As always, their glam years prior to their "major label debut" Cowboys From Hell were omitted, whether intentionally or not, which makes this documentary anything but a definitive statement of the band's legacy.

However, the segment where Terry Abbott shed tears over the murder of his son/Pantera axeman Darrell "Dimebag Darrell" Abbott during his performance on December 4, 2004 with his current band Damageplan, along with his brother/Pantera drummer Vinnie, was nothing less than touching. "Inside that rock n' roll exterior, was a boy." Bummer.

  • Let me take a moment to bask into the beauty of song:

Cody ChestnuTT

"Serve This Royalty"

off the album The Headphone Masterpiece (2002)

...unfortunately, I cannot find the lyrics. Lame.

Secret heart

What are you made of?

What are you so afraid of?

Could it be three simple words

Or the fear of being overheard?

What's wrong?

Let her in on your secret, heart

Besides the fact that I love unrequited and/or confessional love songs made for perennial losers, I also love Nick Cave. I really do. But not so much with The Proposition, where he wrote the script for the movie. The soundtrack, however, is killer.


On a more personal note, I am hooked on playing solitaire on the PC.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

all i to be where you are

The Gathering

How to Measure a Planet? (1998)

This album is The Gathering’s Rust in Peace, or Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, for that matter. If I were to stretch it, it will closely resemble Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by The Smashing Pumpkins, aside from both being double-disc affairs. These albums share a similarity, where the bands charted new musical territories and progressive ideas into their trademark sound. As a result, Megadeth got more technical, Iron Maiden got more theatrical, and Smashing Pumpkins got more famous.

How to Measure a Planet? is a tour-de-force. It is the album where The Gathering finds their visions fulfilled, where they sounded like the way they should sound. They did away with the Metal and Gothic posing they fostered with their previous albums in order to create music without boundaries. They have basically toned down the guitars, and focused more on the dreamy atmosphere and the beautiful vocals. Anneke van Giersbergen has proven time and again that she is the BEST FEMALE VOCALIST EVER (quote me on that). With this album, she even solidifies that claim because her emotive voice fits better with this kind of music, where she can just focus on channeling emotions through her singing without having to coincide with the distorted guitars.

The album deals with distance, where the songs talk about yearning for someone (Rescue Me), the feeling of witnessing the vastness of an endless horizon (‘Great Ocean Road’), or the exhilaration of flight (‘Liberty Bell’) . Even the sound sympathizes with the theme of the album, embellished with the verdant and vivid instrumentations the band is known for.‘Great Ocean Road’ is easily one of the best songs ever recorded in music history, if one THE BEST (quote me on that again). The main riff just washes the listener away into the unknown deep, where dreams are forged real by just having the sound take you to your destiny. The powerful tapestry of sound becomes realized with the affective singing of Anneke. This song is just powerful, amazing, superb, and wonderful.

‘Rescue Me’ contains one of the best lines of a love song ever, “All I want/ is to be where you are”. The yearning music and the wall of sound in the middle create a feeling of desire in a lost world. The production with the song could have been lusher, but a good song is a good song. ‘My Electricity’ is another winner, a lovelorn, sentimental song with a simple arrangement, yet it is carried by the spacious and jangling guitars. ‘Liberty Bell’ is an upbeat, feel-good pop song if I didn’t know better. The song creates a feeling of flying with the uplifting, soaring music blasting through the speakers. ‘Travel’ feels like a dream sequence, a collection of riffs of previous songs serving as a culmination of the first disc. ‘Locked Away’ is similar to ‘My Electricity, only this time, the guitar blasts in during the chorus.

The only small gripe I have which prevents the album from getting a perfect score is the second CD could have been done away with. In fairness, the second half deals with the band’s proclivity to writing more daring music, as heard with the title track, and it ain’t bad at all, but at this point, hearing that the first half is just perfect, the second half is too indulgent for its own good.

I cannot recommend this album any further. One of the best albums ever from any genre! Buy this, and be swept off to your dreams! Hail The Gathering!

Instant Entry in 20 Minutes

What are the things running through my head while downloading a 3.4 MB song off Limewire with a dial-up conneciton?


3% - The Los Angeles Clippers lost to the Phoenix Suns. Gademit. Obviously, I am rooting for the underdog, well, they're not really the underdogs of the series since Phoenix has been playing without Amare Stoudemire for the whole season and the playoffs, yet still managed to play superb basketball and grabbed the 2nd seed in the West, a feat nobody would have ever thought possible. However, great expectations weren't on the side of the Clippers as well, a franchise doomed to fail at the start of the season. Well, they're turned it around for the good, getting that 4th seed, which again not what everybody would have expected.

Still, I still feel that the Clippers deserve to win the series because not only do they have the talent to advance to the next round, but because they're the Clippers, and sometimes in life, some people just need to be given a chance.

37% - Jeff Buckley is the best artist of the past decade. His album Grace has ultimately propelled him to great heights, with songs like the explosive yet brooding 'Mojo Pin', the tender and impassioned 'So Real', the anthemic and amazing 'Eternal Life', and the timeless masterpiece that is 'The Last Goodbye'.

54% - I don't like cars.

57% - She may be the hottest contestant ever in American Idol, but Katherine McPhee yet has to go. Although she showed flashes of brilliance early on, she has cracked under pressure as the contest draws closer to its end. She has been shaky and pitchy on some of her songs, and that's just unacceptable. However, I still feel that she will advance to the finals because of the fact that she is the only woman in the competition and she will most likely garner the votes of the female contingent in America.

And I am worried that Elliott Yamin will be the one going out from American Idol. Fact is, he is the best singer that the show has to offer, but unlike McPhee and Soul Patrol (whose name I obviously forgot), he doesn't look good, and he doesn't exude any charisma at all. Sad.

100% - I really feel that all of the things I have written on this post is pure crap.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bald(ing) Fashion Statement...

Mr. Devin Townsend and his awesome skullet

Man, I have to get me one of these...


Phoughts to Tonder

When you get to see things in a stupefyingly grey splendor, where the smiles of people are anesthesized by a seemingly removed and emotionless color, you know that there's something wrong.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

What the Hell am I?


I am 42% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

Monday, May 8, 2006

Disappointed Mode: ON



A useless blow-by-blow account on one of the dreamiest songs ever…

My Bloody Valentine – To Here Knows When
off their album Loveless (1991)

0:01- The song starts with an overpowering, swirling effect of keyboard arpeggio played over a drowned keyboard chord. From the get go, the sonic abrasiveness sets the tone of the song, where the listeners cannot help it but get devoured and swept away by the forceful wave of its rich melody. The rhythm section does not draw too much attention. However, it does deliver the backbone and framework where the keyboards, and later on the guitars, weave their magic.

0:20- The arpeggio goes out, and is replaced by the female vocalist singing along the tapestry of sound with a laconic, breathy delivery with a deep and lush cadence that goes well along the music. Also, the vocals add layer and depth to the song, since Shoegazer music isn’t about great vocal performances.

0:39- The guitar makes an appearance with single-note melodies rich with reverb and little delay effect (both a staple in Shoegazer music). Instruments on parts of the song appear to go off-key and awry, but it still maintains the dreamy atmosphere.

1:01 – This is the chorus of the song. The arpeggio returns to the fold, now along with the vocals, and the music becomes more monolithic, if not imposing.

1:21 – The song returns to the introduction part, taking a breather from the emotive chorus.

1:29 – It then carries on to the next verse, similar to the previous verse, makes use of the same elements, thus creating the same poignant effect (duh).

2:08 – Chorus again. See above.

2:48 – Some strange sound pops up, a heavy, droned-out tone accompanying the vocal crooning.

3:09 – Chorus. This time, the drone-out sound appears at sparse moments, giving the chorus a resonating, spacious effect.

3:54 – The climax of the song. As the chorus is still being played, the guitars enter the fray with its fiery, wailing, buzzsaw-like effect that complements the beautiful, pensive melody.

4:31 – The chorus slowly fades out.

4.48 – The guitar then fades in, accompanied by the bass, and plays a muffled, slightly-overdriven melody in chords, with a use of a tremolo bar (I think). It’s pretty okay, don’t get me wrong, but it just sounds limp and dry, and it does not go well with the wall-of-noise, dream sequence music that the song purports. Still, it doesn’t disvalue the fact that the song is still badass.

5:31 – Music abruptly stops.

Sunday, May 7, 2006


Love, let me sleep tonight
On your couch..
And remember the smell
And the fabric
Of your simple city dress..

Oh... That was so real
Oh... That was so real
Oh... That was so real

We walked around'til the moon got full
Like a plate..
And the wind blew an invocation
And I fell asleep
At the gate..
And I never stepped on the cracks 'cause I thought I'd hurt my mother
And I couldn't awake from the nightmare
That sucked me in
And pulled me under
Pulled me under

Oh... That was so real
Oh... That was so real
Oh... That was so real

I love you..
But I'm afraid to love you
I Love you
But I'm afraid to love - you...
I'm afraid...

Oh... That was so real

..real real real...

Oh... That was so real
Oh... That was so real
Oh... That was so real


A spectator’s notes on Earth Day 2006

Thank goodness for April 22—the one day in the year when the earth is remembered amid the rapid development of industrial sectors and modernization.

At the CCP complex, a celebration entitled Sibol was a revelation for this writer that the arts and culture is an effective tool in furthering environmental awareness and ecological issues, which society tends to overlook.

Friday, May 5, 2006


"Ba't ka nagpakalbo?"


"Ba't ka nagpakalbo?"

"Ah...Eh, ganun talaga eh."


"Buhay...Ganun talaga eh."

"Ahhhhhh...Haha. Yun na yun eh."




:If the letters of my profile name are names of actresses/female TV personality/female artists/ fictional female characters…

T-ori Amos
H-eather Locklear

C-ristina Scabbia
R-ei Ayanami
I-za Calzado
M-aria Ozawa
S-carlette Johansson
N-atalie Portman

A-nneke van Giersbergen
B-ianca Gonzales
S-haron den Adel
T-oni Gonzaga
R-achel McAdams
A-udrey Tatou
C-harlize Theron

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Korean Filmz

The beef on popular Korean films:

1. Funny.
2. The girl comes from a relatively poor family, and usually works hard to make ends meet. However, she has an infectious and bubbly personality despite her disposition. The guy, on the other hand, is filthy rich, spoiled and arrogant, and either a campus heartthrob, or an ass-kicking gang leader of some sort who always gets into fights for no apparent reason. Opposites attract, I guess…
3. Characters always frequent videoke bars, and they always drink. A lot.
4. Over-the-top cheesy "love moments", saccharine storyline…
5. …but it works!

The best I've seen so far...

my little bride

Monday, May 1, 2006

A really lame week, I must say...

Phoughts to Tonder

  • From now on, every time I hear or see Within Temptation, two words spring to mind: dry humping. Don't ask.
  • I had my impacted, lower rightmost tooth removed. The first few hours were manageable although I really feel my jaw swelling. But after the anesthesia wore off, it started to hurt like a barbed-wire poking up my asshole. Moral of the story: when the time comes that your wisdom tooth starts to hurt, and you think you need to have it removed, don't.
  • I rekindled my confusing and depressing high school life when I borrowed World Coming Over by Type O Negative from my friend. Another two words: total ownage...
  • 'I REALLY STUPID' Moment: I got lost taking the public transport from Bonifacio Ave. to Harrizon Plaza, in front of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas at Pasay. I'll just leave it at that.
  • Things I really hate during a gig:
  1. When I presume the guitar amp at the bar is gonna be good because it actually does look good (Fender), but when I start using it, even at maximum volume, I cannot hear a goddamn thing...
  2. I have to plug my guitar to the mixer because there's only one guitar amp, a spankin' heavy-ass amp amp, and the other guitarist's gonna use it.
  3. When I mess up a note during my lead.
  4. When my equipment bails out on me. Aside from the amp sucking, my pickup switch screws up, my strings pop out while I was warming up just before the gig, and I don't have spare strings with me, I lose my guitar pick, etc...
  5. When my guitar is tuned one step higher, and I just realized it when we were already playing.
  • Saw Shopgirl for the second time. The lines before the credits rolled were the most striking and powerful, as narrated by Steve Martin:

"As Ray Porter watched his Mirabelle walk away, he feels a loss. How is it possible, he thinks, to miss a woman whom he kept at a distance, so that when she was gone, he would not miss her?

"Only then he realized that wanting part of her, and not all of her, had hurt him both, and how he cannot justify his actions, except is life."



:if the letters of my profile names are songs...

T-he Last to Know by Faith No More

H- allelujah by Jeff Buckley

E-verything Reminds Me of Her by Elliott Smith

C-adence by Anberlin

R-ed Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

I-n Motion #2 by The Gathering

M-ountains of Might by Immortal

S-eventh Son of a Seventh Son by Iron Maiden

O-ne Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces by Ben Folds Five

N-utshell by Alice in Chains

A-s Embers Dress the Sky by Agalloch

B-oston Rain Melody by Steve Vai

S-torm by The Devin Townsend Band

T-he Long and Winding Road by The Beatles

R-oundabout by Yes

A-mber by 311

C-rystal Mountain by Death

T-ornado of Souls by Megadeth

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