Thursday, May 18, 2006


Finally! After months of waiting in vain for this day to say these words, I now can shout to the world that...


Honestly, it quite failed to deliver the goods, not because the book is better than the movie (which is true, but that's not the point), but I feel that the storytelling is too fast and quick (or maybe I'm just fucking slow). It does not let the viewers digest every piece of information as much as they could have, which made the book so good. Aside from this, it was entertaining as hell, I didn't go to sleep during the film (always a good thing), and I didn't feel like a jackass after seeing it.
Da Vinci Musings (with Spoilers, of course!):
  • Paul Bettany playing Silas is just pure genius. He easily passes off as an albino, and his menacing look works as well.
  • Sopie Neveu's character was dumbed down, which is a bummer, and gives too much way to Robert Langdon to assume the hero role. Bullllllshit. On a positive note, Sophie Neveu gives justice to Audrey Tautou, especially when Teabing meets her for the first time, kisses her on the hand, and says, "You have a lovely smile!", or something to that extent. Truth is soooo hard to deny.
  • Ian McKellen's role as the annoying Teabing is played with amazing ease and comfort, and his smug and condescending attitude was watered down for the film, which is for the better.

The movie, unfortunately, tweaked the part where both Langdon and Teabing explain the "biggest coverup in human history" to Sophie. In the book, both men team off to explain that Jesus' bloodline was carried on in the present time. In the movie, however, Langdon gets into an argument with Teabing, stating that these are all claims and presuppostions that have yet to be proven.

Another disappointing change is found in the ending of the film. The ending, in fact, made the book so spectacular because it reveals a person, possibly Mary Magdalene herself, after Langdon cracked the code of the last clue that would unveil the location of the Holy Grail. But the person's identity was not revealed, so it makes for compelling intrigue and speculation that provokes the thoughts of readers. In the movie, however, we get to see Langdon standing on top of the Louvre, kneels down, then the camera goes straight down under the Louvre, where the coffin of Mary Magdalene was shown. And that's it. LAAAAAAAAAME!!!!

Changes of these particluar scenes in the movie could be attributed to the negative opinion surrounding the book's claims. Still, whether the content is preposterous or not, the film should not have compromised to social opinion, and should have carried on with what was written in the book.

Finally, some notes parts of the film worthy of mention:

  • The part when Silas smahes the face of the nun with a stone tablet was a hoot! I DIDN'T see that one coming!
  • Expect some people to sneer and belt out incredulous and nervous laughters during the part where both Langdon at Teabing explain the Holy Grail to Sophie.


yumi said...

ANAK NG TOKWA!! i love silas. hahaha

agree ako sa ending, lame. panget, nireveal. dapat readers (well, audience.. for the movie's sake) yung makakadiscover. pwet, spoon feeding yung shot kung saan nakalibing si mary magdalene. pfft.

silas! silas! silas!

naawa ako sa kanyang paghahampas sa likod niya. ouuuch.

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