Saturday, May 13, 2006

Instant Entry in 20 Minutes

What are the things running through my head while downloading a 3.4 MB song off Limewire with a dial-up conneciton?


3% - The Los Angeles Clippers lost to the Phoenix Suns. Gademit. Obviously, I am rooting for the underdog, well, they're not really the underdogs of the series since Phoenix has been playing without Amare Stoudemire for the whole season and the playoffs, yet still managed to play superb basketball and grabbed the 2nd seed in the West, a feat nobody would have ever thought possible. However, great expectations weren't on the side of the Clippers as well, a franchise doomed to fail at the start of the season. Well, they're turned it around for the good, getting that 4th seed, which again not what everybody would have expected.

Still, I still feel that the Clippers deserve to win the series because not only do they have the talent to advance to the next round, but because they're the Clippers, and sometimes in life, some people just need to be given a chance.

37% - Jeff Buckley is the best artist of the past decade. His album Grace has ultimately propelled him to great heights, with songs like the explosive yet brooding 'Mojo Pin', the tender and impassioned 'So Real', the anthemic and amazing 'Eternal Life', and the timeless masterpiece that is 'The Last Goodbye'.

54% - I don't like cars.

57% - She may be the hottest contestant ever in American Idol, but Katherine McPhee yet has to go. Although she showed flashes of brilliance early on, she has cracked under pressure as the contest draws closer to its end. She has been shaky and pitchy on some of her songs, and that's just unacceptable. However, I still feel that she will advance to the finals because of the fact that she is the only woman in the competition and she will most likely garner the votes of the female contingent in America.

And I am worried that Elliott Yamin will be the one going out from American Idol. Fact is, he is the best singer that the show has to offer, but unlike McPhee and Soul Patrol (whose name I obviously forgot), he doesn't look good, and he doesn't exude any charisma at all. Sad.

100% - I really feel that all of the things I have written on this post is pure crap.


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