Monday, June 5, 2006

George Lynch

I went to a guitar clinic at Yupangco in Buendia, and their guest was none other than Mr. George Lynch (who?) promoting his Yamaha L-Series. I'm not really familiar with stuff from Dokken and Lynch Mob, but I did get to see a guitar video by this guy. From what I remembered (although I could be very wrong here), he's got quite a dirty style, but unique nonetheless. And his nipple kept on popping from his loose tanktop. Blame the 80's.

It was my first time to attend such event, so I didn't really know what to expect. But I did imagine that there was gonna be a lot of guitar virtuosity shit and all that.

Before the actual event, a video played showing how a Yamaha acoustic guitar is made. Mixing the lutherier and guitar player standpoint, as well as advanced and traditional techniques of making the guitar, it was really fascinating...

Enter Mr. Lynch. First 3 impressions:

He's buff!.
He's wearing a tanktop.
He's gotten real old (d'oh)

His style has gotten bluesier and more melodic, and he's as good as any other great guitar player out there, so no problem there. Basically, he just played 30-minutes worth of great guitar lick, and although he candidly admitted that he was fucking up all over the played, he still seemed to enjoy himself. Which is the most important thing while playing.

Now comes the mandatory question and answer portion. Probably my most favorite answer I am gonna hear this week, or month for that matter:

"Stop clapping to my answers!"

Now the really interesting part: After the guitar clinic, the emcee announced that there was gonna be an autograph session with Mr. Lynch. But since I'm really an autograph kind of guy, I was intent on leaving the event. But before that, they were raffling off stubs for some goodies, so I kind of stayed just to try out my luck.

They called my name. I won a free poster.

As I returned to my seat, my mind went blank, still in disbelief of winning the poster. A friend told me that I should get the poster signed. Mind still blank. I grabbed for my bag while still sitting on my seat. Blank. Still sitting...


Wait! I shoud get the poster signed by Mr. Lynch!!!

And so I did. End of story, and I lived happily ever after, just after I got off the congested MRT ride.

A few side notes:

A lot of known guitar players showed up to the event, namely the guy from Rivremaya, the guy from Death by Stereo, and the girl from Sanctus/Massacrida, among others.

Mr. Lynch's nipple didn't pop out from his tanktop, which is quite a shame. That would have made the day better.


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