Monday, June 12, 2006

Them 'Old Filipino Action Movies...'

There was this scene on one of Gardo Versosa's movies where he cocks a gun using his feet. His feet! And the most amazing thing is that he did this while in mid-air! In MID-AIR!
Perennial action star Lito Lapid did what no other men did back in the heyday, when during an action scene he was holding a knife and a gun with one bullet left with two enemies still after him. Usually, a normal, sane person would just use the remaining bullet of the gun to shoot one of the baddies, and throw the knife or stab the other.
But not Lito Lapid. Nope. What he did is that he placed the sharp side of the knife in the middle of the gun's barrel, splitting the bullet in half as he fired the gun, and hitting both his enemies. Pure classic, I tell ya!
From hardware store to builder’s depot
Tiles—these seemingly trivial home fixtures transformed a small hardware store into one of the largest builder’s depots in the city today. And this fact Wilcon Builders Depot founder, president and CEO William T. Belo is always proud to proclaim.

On May 24, Belo gathered friends, family and clients to Wilcon’s Libis, Quezon City showroom to celebrate such triumph. Various home fixtures were put on display, but the attention was on tiles—the store’s specialty product since its inception.


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