Sunday, June 4, 2006

you don't see mee

It has been a long time...

A Phought
to Tonder

Last Saturday, well, Sunday at 2:30 a.m., I was reading a book while lying down on the bed of my room and having the radio play random tracks on the airwaves when suddenly, '3 Libras' swoons the room with that undeniably mesmerizing sweet-ass guitar plucked intro. I immediate put down the book I was reading and started to be hit by this thing they call 'good music'. At that moment, while memories surged and feeling drowsed in my head as I stared blankly at the ceiling, 2 things pop into my mind: 1) NU 107 Remote Control Weekend is the best thing on the radio especially past midnight where they usually play songs during my high school daze, and 2) with that song, Mer de Noms has reaffirmed itself to be one of the better album I own, although I usually keep forgetting it.

Oh, I also remembered another thing; 3) write this as a blog entry.

I remember during high school, when I had my aunt buy A Perfect Cirlce's debut from the States, I kept on listening to it, not because it's deliciously dark and hauntingly romantic, but it's only one of the three CDs I owned that time (lame-o). Anyway, the most memorable thing I remembered with this album was that, every after class at 3:40 in the afternoon, I always walk down the cushy, rubber-y track and field path in the middle of the school where I go straight to the car that sends me home. The walk is nothing spectacular, just a long, lonely tread to the eventual destination (lewser), and the spectacle of a bunch of grade-schoolers jockeying and scuffling around on the green grasses inside the track and field oval is nothing to scream about. Instead, I entertained myself by singing the lines of the song 'The Hollow'.

"'Cause it's time to bring the fire down
(mumbles) this indiscretion
long enough to edify
and permanently fill this hollow"

Remembering that very moment made the ceiling less of a ceiling. The sun burning my skin and the heavy bag I was always carrying during high school and which also became the source of my back pains and scoliosis felt real, and really painful. That moment is nothing fancy in itself, but I don't know. I really liked that day...

...which leads me to another thought; 4) I really had a boooring high school. Seriously.


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