Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Greatest Song In The World, And It's Not From Tenacious D!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

INTj Uncovered!!!


If there were a Weirdness Olympics between all 16 types then INTj would be an unbeatable gold medallist. In fact INTjs are so weird that they do not just appear weird to people who don't know them well but to other INTjs as well. This is because INTjs take little or no notice of what other people think. What they think themselves is much more important for INTjs. That is why if everybody are certain that bridges have to be build across the river an INTj may contemplate the possibility of building one along the river. There would probably be a logical reason for that since INTjs view everything through the square prism of logic. And as long as logical rules are obeyed everything is fine.

"I think, therefore I am" once said Rene Descartes, clearly delighted about the fact that he can think. But what he really meant was "I stink, therefore I am" since INTjs can often deprive themselves of a good bath and can happily live in a pigsty when nobody watches. They miserably fail to understand the basic needs of their bodies and therefore do not address them as a first priority. This goes for food and sex too. But do INTjs enjoy tasty food and sex? Sure, when you stick it under their nose. And what do they do to have plenty of fine food and meaningless sex? Precisely nothing. The latter one could be explained by the fact that by default INTjs are socially handicapped. Combined with their closely guarded fear of intimacy this makes it pretty hard for INTjs to get laid, resulting in many INTjs being either virgins or remaining celibate for a long time. (NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Marked with inability to clearly read people's true disposition towards themselves, INTjs compensate for it with their acquired ability to piss people off. This is rather a defensive than an offensive mechanism. It works on the principal that an angry person has very little control over their emotions and therefore cannot suppress their true feelings, which often prevents the truth from coming out. INTjs normally do not apply this principal to anybody unless they are unsure. So as long as you are true and sincere with an INTj you should be fine.

Something you can't deny is that INTjs are pretty adept at many things but one thing INTjs are really good at is at over-tightening the screws, whether it is said in a metaphorical or a literal sense. Having a natural inability to judge amounts and distributions of forces often leads them to overdo things. If you ask an INTj to design a good chair to withstand the weight of one adult, when it is finished it will probably withstand the weight of one adult elephant.

Finally, if you hear a sarcastic remark from an INTj you should know you are on dangerous ground i.e. you said something stupid. To continue in the same direction would be unwise. However if you want to enrage an INTj all you need to do is to make the same stupid remark over and over again but more importantly you have to stand by your words, i.e. show that you really mean it... Why would anyone want to do that?

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