Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Smelly Underwears and Weird Looking Clitorides

Before I begin, did you know that the plural form of the word clitoris is clitorides? Wow!
Ok, I have 7 minutes before I finish my shift, and I've been itching to write something substantial on my blog for eons already. So what my point for saying these things? I say screw my shift! I'm gonna type something 'til my fingers bleed! Haha! Even though my officemate is sitting beside me cleaning her dirty feet! Wahaha!

First off, my Yahoo! account has been hacked. Over the weekend, I tried to access my Yahoo! email at my friend's house to kill some time, but after typing the necessary information and clicking to log in, the screen reappeared and stated that I typed the wrong username/password. I tried doing it again and again, but to no avail. I simply cannot access my account anymore.

I can't remember changing my password prior to this, so I guess the only logical reason for this is that my account got hacked. much for my contacts. And my email, my precious emails!

On a lighter note, it's weeks away before Christmas, and I still haven't finished buying gifts for everybody. So that means I still have to waste money to buy things that I won't get to use.

Come to think of it, that actually sucks. And this blog entry is far from substantial. I may have wasted 10 hours on your life, or even more! Haha! Wahahaha!


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