Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Over the past few months, you readers (however few you might be, or I may be just talking to no one at all) have noticed that I haven't been as prolific in writing blogs as I was back in April to June. Well, I can easily explain myself for that. In fact, this explanation of mine has been long overdue.

During those days, I haven't been employed yet, so there was really nothing to do but fill my empty time writing shit on this blog. Yes, you heard me. Shit. Those Phoughts To Tonder entries I did? Shit. Anyway, that all changed after I became a "writer" for a certain company. However, what I didn't know was that being a "writer" for that company meant that...shit, I shouldn't even be saying thist. Point is, eventually, my "writing profession," as one may aptly see it, took its toll on my blog writing because I am basically doing the same thing in INADEQUACY and my current work. You know, bitching, rambling about how smelly my ass was, and writing about why I'm writing about nothing at all. I hope the last one made sense.

So what is the moral of this blog entry of mine? Emptiness makes us do something in our lives, no matter how meaningless the things we do might be. Holy shit, I better stop now, before I make less sense...

Friday, January 5, 2007

...lest we forget the year that has come and passed...

By the time I am writing this, I have finished my "work"earlier than usual, as I'm nonchalantly chatting around with the people from my YM list, and searching some music videos from the 90's at Youtube.

Just like you, everybody else will have downplayed the fact that it's already 2007, since people would probably expect the same shit to happen to them ("Different day, same old shit," as people would say.) However, looking back at the year that was, I would honestly have to say that it's one for the books. Consider:

  • I graduated from college last March, just before I was about to give up on studying.
  • My writing started to get better, thanks to my exposure in writing feature articles for Manila Times, and now, my current job at
  • Descant Gott participated in last year's Red Horse Beer Muziklaban. Although the band didn't win, it proved to me that all the time and hard work I invested on this band wasn't laid to waste. Add to the fact that the Red Horse Muziklaban 2006 was just released weeks ago would only (fingers crossed) bolster the interest of peopel to the band. Sorry if I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm just glad that the band is here to stay (again, fingers crossed...)
  • I got a sweet-ass job at the aforementioned Although I have to admit that I could have gotten a better job with a more challenging workload and a more lucrative paycheck from a different company, this isn't bad for a first job. Plus, I have gotten to meet some of the best officemates in the world, ever. Top that, beyatch!
  • I have gotten to rid myself from purchasing a lot of CDs that I probably wouldn't listen to anyway. (WARNING: I will meander for a moment...) I mean, music is so cheap nowadays, with people having their iPods attached to their bodies like accesories to signify their status or something. Whatever. Forget what I said.
So there. Obviously, I'm just happy that I'm getting older, meaning that I'm nearing my death and all that jazz. Actually, I'm not really happy that I'm gonna die soon. It's just that I don't know how to end my blog. I mean, my officemate's spinning her chair just behind me, and she's feeling quite dizzy right now.

Oh yeah, I just remembered that I'm currently obsessed with Urbandub. Yeah, they rock! "Frailty" is probably my favorite song right now. Nothing can beat the line, "Awaken this sleeping heart of mine/ and be here now..."

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