Monday, February 26, 2007

A Tribute To Webdate

As of writing, it's already 2:27 AM, with our stomachs filled from eating "lunch" at the pantry room (chicken strips...mmm...) I'm also currently annoyed by one of my officemates right now, rubbing my crown with her fists, messing up my hair (not like it's fixed or something, but you get my drift.) On my left, two cubicles apart, my other officemate is listening to A Perfect Circle, Cradle of Filth, and Slipknot on his headset, but with volume that screams indifference. to the world around. Two cubicles away to his left, is another officemate of mine. Well, she's not actually there right now (as of most of the time,) because she's hanging with her friends across the room. All in all, another regular day here at Webdate.

This is what I'm going to write if I were to add another decrepit entry on my lameass blog two months ago.

A lot of changed since then. The client pulled out, leaving all of us "floating" in the office for quite a while. Some have found accounts as quick as you can say "HB," "Trax," and "Delwood" in a sentence (Bravo to Tina, Paeng, Ed, and Gil,) while others continue to drift away w
hile singing the annoying "Welcome To The Black Parade" and making crazy dance moves in the Training Room. I'm sure you'll all get clients, Raffy, Renzy, Ed (again,) and Rhae. Especially Rhae.

I got to see all of this transpire, but whether it was fortunate of me or not, you decide. Waiting at the Training Room for something, anything, to happen was as painful as getting stuck in a middle of nowhere. I simply felt that I should have been doing something instead of taking naps and frequenting Paul's desk, watching "Story of the Year" (secret.) As waiting for an accoun
t got a bit exhausting, the days got a bit longer, and life moved, but paused at the same time.

However, last Friday night, I got a call from Paul, saying that he got me an account scheduled at night, and my tenure would start next week. So there. I got what I wanted, an account. Yahoo.

But then, everything slowly sank in to me. Night shift. Account. This is what I wanted, right?

Kind of. It was cathartic, the fact that I'll be beginning a new chapter in my life, while closing what seemed to be one of my more entertaining moments in recent memory, being with the guys from Webdate. Kinda like orgasm gone awry.

Webdate was, for the most part, a dysfunctional group; a collection of individuals with contrasting personalities, of polar opposites (Renzy and Tina.) But like yin and yang, they stabilize the balance of the office space, as well as annoy certain accounts and project managers with their death-defying stubborness and their proclivity to piss people who are against them.

At the same time, Webdate are hooligans who knew how to have a great time together. From the hallowed bed scene incident in Tagaytay, the office romances, and the publicized sexual frustrations of some of its members (my lips are sealed,) these bitches definitely know how to stir shit in the pot, a pot which I would gladly dive if given the chance, as long as I won't have to dive along with shemales and/or erect horses.

Thanks for the seven months, Webdate. And, quoting a literary master, " I hechu all!"

P.S. Ginawa ko 'to dahil board ako. Yeah, you read that right! Board!

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