Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Death Of Music

Phoughts To Tonder

I normally wouldn’t put certain things into writing, but for the sake of “finding my voice” as a pussy-ass writer, and for the fact that I have nothing to do this 1 o’clock in the morning, here it goes.

Two weeks ago, our PC had to be reformatted because the ever-so-crappy Windows would crash every time the log-in screen was loading. The culprit, as I later found out, happened to be a spyware under the name svchost.exe. Or was it scvhost.exe? Anyway, I had to start from scratch and retool the PC from the ground up. Spyware sucks, I say.

All of my documents which spanned from high school to my current job have been erased from the hard disk. Yes, it does blow, especially if the synthesis paper that was considering among the best in the batch was also deleted *coughcoughBUUUUUUULSHIT!cough* Anyway, that’s not the reason why I’m writing this “blog.” That day also had me bidding farewell to my six-year old .mp3 collection which spanned over 2,000 songs.

I know the number of songs in my collection pales in comparison to other people, and you’re probably thinking that I should just download them again from the Internet using a DSL or cable connection. However, that is beside the point. Most of these songs are downloaded from Napster (!) and Soulseek using a 56K dial-up modem. It usually took me about 30-40 minutes to download a 4mb song, so you can probably imagine what I’m feeling right now realizing that the 100+ hours I have invested downloading those songs off the Internet would only be wiped out by a single spyware in a matter of seconds.

Most of those songs have become sort of anthems for me during college. Apparently, you become affected by music if you keep on listening to them endlessly during the day. I won’t have to list down the name of the artists since it’s pretty irrelevant at the moment. It’s just that every time I listen to their songs, I get transported back to the Rizal Library in Arnnnnneow where I always fall asleep on the desk while reading Kant’s Critique Of Pure Reason for our Philosophy class. God, that was fucking boring.

Having your songs erased from your hard drive can be compared to having your diary stolen by your bratty brother, or that your underwear has gotten crusty from too much use and not much cleaning. Even if you tried recapturing that old feeling, writing the same thoughts from your stolen diary or purchasing brand new underwear from the same brand will surely fail to produce the sensation and spark that you once felt for them.

And right now, trying to write off the loss of an .mp3 collection still leaves a bitter taste on my mouth.


In related news, I just found out that Anneke van Giersbergen is leaving the Gathering. The death of music, indeed.

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