Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Very Thoughtful

As I was going through the notions of cubicle life here at my current job, i.e. seesawing between watching Heroes and doing part-time work, my fellow officemate The Blind Rage (writer of award-winning blog The Mundane Side of the Road, recipient of ZeXXXy Beast Award, and co-writer of How To Make Your Kuyukot Throb) hands me one of these ditties:

Now, I thought to myself, "What the hell? Somebody actually reads my blog???" Let's face it, I don't update my blog as frequently as before when I was unemployed (ah, those were the days), and then I get this.

Maybe it's because of me not sharing my thoughts anymore, which makes me...thoughtful? Yes, that's probably it. You're welcome too, by the way.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Summer Ist Krieg

Pardon me for this long overdue entry. I don't really like talking about the events that its putrid form in my life, but since I have a lot of time to kill, might as well write something substantial.

This past summer has been one of the best experiences in my life so far.

It all started when I was moved to the night shift, from 9 P.M. to 6 A.M., because my work schedule entailed me to do so. Not that I hated that fact, but, thinking about the gigs that our band could have performed on during the weekdays, it was disheartening to say the least. Plus, I was the only one moved from our original team at work (I'll refer to them as the Webdate team), so I didn't have anybody to talk to during that time.

However, as nights had come and gone, I just realized that the night shift is loads better than the regular shift! Imagine this scenario: no traffic going to office AND back home, peaceful environment, pacified (or lullabied) co-workers, and best of all, exclusive only to my line of work, only three (3) hours worth of labor time! The remaining six hours I do part-time work, watch a couple of videos, and you have a happy man who slaves his weekend in front of the computer looking for people to talk to in the wee hours of the morning!

It only gets better from here, folks.

This past summer also heralded my passion for the beach, and it curiously began with listening to "Cayman Island" by Kings of Convenience. Nothing that overtly suggests images of sand and salt water, but the song's wistful melodies and sweet lyrics are reminiscent of basking under the hot sun and having yourself carried by the sea. Not drift far away and get marooned in a lonesome island with a coconut tree - that ain't lovely at all- but drift near enough that I could get back to the shore with ease. Of course, I am taking everything too seriously and should stop right

Anyway, the first stop was to take my sojourn this past April with the Webdate team to Puerto Galera - a poor man's Boracay, I must admit, but it did get the job done. Nothing really spectacular about the place, just lots of people, like gremlins crammed in a jar. Although this would normally put me off my gaiety, it didn't really bother me at all since I tremendously enjoyed the company of the guys from Webdate. I got hammered, did stuff, shouted stuff in public, ran like my ass was on fire in public, and just...stuff - the good kind, of course. I'm omitting the things that occurred without my full knowledge or consciousness of it, so don't bother.

However, the best thing that happened to me in Galera was when we crawled under a hill to reach the lagoon on the other side the next morning, and by golly, time stopped and my heart raced as I lay witness to one of the best sights I've seen to date. Actually, it was nothing special, a small body of clear water separated from the beach. I'm sure people have seen feces with shapes and sizesmore awe-inspiring than the one that I have displayed here, but the timing and the mood did it for me. I had "Cayman Island" playing in my mind while swimming from end to end, touching the stones and having our pictures taken while still hung over from last night's drinking binge. It's awesome, to say the least, that a piece of land or a plain body of water, in its simplicity, can evoke the profoundest of emotions, the highest of highs. Up to this day, it is my Cayman Island. And for the record, except from alcohol, no recreational drug/s or medication/s was/were taken during the whole Galera shebang.

Of course, how could I praise this past summer without mentioning my Bohol experience. I wrote an entry about it, so read it if you must. To add, I hope Bohol doesn't get raped and pillaged by foreigners horny for white sands and exotic destinations. Let it become the country's best kept secret since Joey Ayala and Cynthia Alexander started making music.

This past summer taught me to keep my feet grounded on the important things, namely: the country's natural resources, simplicity of life in rural areas, and spankin' ass tunes by Kings of Convenience. That's how we roll in the P.I., muthafukkers!

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