Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let's Do A Story!


Title: everythingsfineeverythingsfineeverhtusjbfkdjfsfkhj

Characters: Lava, The World, Things, Sadness

Story: Lava came from the outskirts of the Bennysukks universe and has been considered as a failure by his fellow aliens in all the things he does. One light year, he decided to run away from the shits that have been flung to him since his rude awakening, and start life anew.

While traveling the galaxy with his vessel, he came across the World, a place filled with imaginations and possibilities that have yet to be unlocked. Amidst his observation of the World from a distance, Lava thinks of the place as suitable to start his life anew, while developing an intense fascination with blow-torched genitals, long-winded roads, and the concept of being a loser. Lava then transformed into a 20-something male to hide his heinous appearance (by human standards)and to appear normal.

Throughout the years as an inhabitant of the World, Lava begins to live life under his terms. He has had encounters with Things, those that make the World more meaningful, and has enjoyed their company from the very start. All this time, he thought that he had been free from the ghost that was holding him back in the Bennysukks universe. At least, that was he thought during that time.

It was the first time that fateful day when Lava met Sadness, a beautiful being who encompasses the physical realm. Sadness was a mere concept but exploded with feelings that the alien Lava has never felt before from Things, that of sweet and glorious pain. Lava then developed a morbid affinity with Sadness, that he ravaged and raped Sadness to everything that it stood.

Days after, Lava found out all of a sudden how Things no longer acknowledged his presence. When he was with Things, he felt dead and apathetic, feelings that he experience while in the Bennysukks universe. At the same time, his appearance as an alien was slowly showing in front of the Things -- his shriveled nipples, upside-down nose, bushy ass-hairs, and eyes attached to his balls. Realizing this, he immediately ran away as fast and far as he could on long-winded roads to hide his deficiencies, while left feeling like a loser. Although everything he saw was putrid and rotten as a blow-torched genital, he lost the luster he once held for it. Immediately, everything became Sadness.

In the end, Lava ate tuna sandwich and drank pineapple juice in the smallest corner of the world.

Moral: No matter how disgusting and gross they are, blow-torched genitals are oogy.


Paratwa said...

Pop quiz hot shot. What will you think if someone hovers over you in more than one conspicuous occasion, has the same friends as you have and makes faces at you when you meet at the hallway. Then when you inquire what's his problem is, he says he doesn't know you, and denies not ever acknowledging your presence. Hmmm? Does he a) want to kill me?, b) want to be my stalker for some godforsaken reason, c) want to kill me?

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