Monday, January 14, 2008

Short Stabs At Reality

Because I love doing late-notice blogs.

  • My celebration for the new year was unintentionally explosive, to say the least. I spent half of my time sitting on the toilet and unleashing my own brand of fireworks out my ass. I was suffering from diarrhea and every time I tried to eat something, I'm just gonna crap it out after 10 minutes or so. Considering that the food during this time of the year is nothing short of succulent and tasty, diarrhea blows. Literally.

  • This year is starting to be one of the worst in recent memory. Even the people that I know aren't too thrilled with hows things are going with their lives. It probably has something to do with personal and internal issues that remain unresolved, just like yours truly. However, I don't really like to think about it. As Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge said, "Come what maaaaaaaay..."

  • Since late last year, a lot of guys whom I hanged out before, during, and after work have resigned, plans to resign, or fallen out of favor with their current accounts. In fairness, their displeasure for work is understandable since career growth is almost non-existent this company (as far as our track is concerned). With that said there's no more Webdate and no more silly banters and pointless gimmicks among co-workers (not on a grand scale, at least), which means more silent moments while watching lots of tumbleweeds roll from the distance.

    Everything kind of fell apart in the end, but not on sour note. Still, closing one chapter of one's life is almost always sad, or not. But then again, people have to move on and go on with their life.

  • On a lighter note, I've began drinking again. Regularly. Like, 3 bottles a day. Yeah! As Aristotle and some Chinese Philosopher said, "Moderation is key."

    And so I get to enjoy our gigs more. Usually, I don't drink when our band plays that evening because I'm manning the wheel and I don't want to crash and burn on the road like a prom queen anytime soon. But ever since I've started to drink beer in moderation in our gigs, I've become more, gasp, pleasant to be with!

    Still, it doesn't change the fact that I'm still a chump and a whore. So there.

  • Again, on a lighter note: please do listen to Sigur Rós during your spare time. Search them on Youtube, download them on Limewire, I don't care. Just do it.


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