Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feel Good Drag

There comes a time when you have to evaluate the path your life has been coursing throughout the year. For me, that time comes every January.

Believe me, it wasn't the easiest thing to do -- evaluating 2007. There were undeniably great moments, i.e. watching Youtube and sleeping on my desk during the night shift, summer escapade at Puerto Galera and Bohol, buying an Ibanez Jem Jr., but it was unfortunately overshadowed by really disheartening events that occurred during the later part of the year. Also, I most definitely underwent an epiphany that the stupid shits I have done and wished I did otherwise were, indeed, stupider than they seem.

So in essence, my January is the month to not only meant to make be feel like a million dollar douchebag, but it's also the time to clean out the bin of past baggages and make way for new trash to arrive. Ultimately, I end up shedding my old skin and growing back a new shiny coat in order to prevent the old crap from happening again, all for the sake of being a better man (even if not much) than the previous year.

As part of my skin-shedding fiasco, one of the first things I did was to leave from my current employer for a greater, funner, and more profitable opportunity outside. However, allow me to say I had a blast for almost two years with the company and have met the strangest, if not HORNIEST people in the metro.

Officemate # 1: gusto ko kumanta
Officemate # 1: pero gusto ko mic ni #!$@#$@# ang ggmit ko
Officemate # 1: ;))
Me: mic ni #!$@#$@#......
Me: :|
Officemate # 1: uu...
Officemate # 1: hairy mic
Officemate # 1: down der
Officemate # 1: :))
Me: taglibog ka pa rin


Officemate # 2: wag ka umalis
Officemate # 2: maganda ang [company name]
Officemate # 2: it's the first company I fell inlove with
Officemate # 2: and they have been good to you naman eh
Me: yes yes i know i know
Me: maganda vayad and shitz
Officemate # 2: no reason to leave
Me: ikaw rin
Officemate # 2: well as you can see dim ang future ko
Officemate # 2: so
Officemate # 2: yun
Me: dim like my pubic hair
Me: very bushy
Officemate # 2: yis

Finally, I seem to have met my match! Seriously though, watching YouPorn and other retarded hardcore sex videos will never be the same anymore knowing that they won't be around behind my back watching along with me.

Another thing that...well, nevermind.

But it's all good because I know everything will turn out fine in the end. I'll enjoy my soon-to-be job, I'll marry, find out that my sperm isn't fertile, will lose a lot of hair, and after that, I'll die sooner than expected. Amf!

"'Till I opened my eyes and walked out the door
And the clouds came tumbling down
And it's bye-bye goodbye I tried"

- Ben Folds, "Landed"

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