Sunday, April 13, 2008

After Two Months

Disclaimer: This entry serves as an atonement for the entries I should have done in the past, which explains the length of this particular entry, as well as the highfaluting words and the occasional unfocused and vague parts contained within. Bear with me on this one.

After resigning from my first full-time job to become a home-based writer, I thought I would have more time in my hands since I have total control of how I do and manage my work. Given the working conditions, the job definitely fits in my plan of getting a more focused production out from me, something that I have been striving for ever since because, strangely enough, I like to work.

Also, I figured that the job would also allow me to dabble into other things. Aside from the list of things I plan to accomplish before the year ends in an attempt to "get my shit together," so to speak, one of the plans that I had in mind was to write more blog entries (The Geek Revolution and Canned Thoughts, aside from this one).

However, as the months have passed, my original plans and goals mentioned above would either have to wait until I actually get to manage my time more properly, or would have to be revamped and compromised for a newer scheme that would fit my current state of occupation. It's kinda sad, actually.

I've pretty much lost out of touch lately on a lot of things I love to do. I don't get to play the guitar as much as I would want to and I've pretty much lost the penchant for reading things. In fact, I have yet to finish Baudolino by Umberto Eco which I started reading at the beginning of the year. I cannot truly say whether the book is just plain boring or is not my type, but the last time I flipped the pages of that book was two months ago.

All of these because of responsibilities.

I'm probably in one of those stages in life where the stick shift is on neutral and everything seems to be fleeting from one place to another. The temporal order of the universe subjects me to changes I'm not fully prepared for, which in turn drives me to change paths as well, until I reach a destination where I realizing my machine-like existence running on a futile purpose. However, as days go by, my purpose is losing out of me, as I am led trudging along with the whisper of orders that take me deeper into nowhere.

Okay, so that was a really melodramatic paragraph right now. I'm over-exaggerating, obviously, as I am happy with a lot of things running in my life as of the moment. However, dealing with aspect outside my personal life, the future looks a little too bleak for comfort.

Phoughts To Tonder

  • For those wanting to take a vacation somewhere in the Philippines, make sure that you visit Potipot Island, which is a 10-15 boat ride away from Zambales. White sand and clear water abound this exalting piece of land devoid of the gloss and glamor of Boracay, which is definitely a good thing. The Island is pretty small as you can walk along the shore and come back to where you started in less than 30 minutes. Also, it is advisable that you bring tents along with you because there is no shelter to shade you from the sun. Ah, the sexiness of burnt skin.

  • Wrestlemania XXIV was pretty good. I watched it with a couple of friends and was not disappointed one bit. There were filler matches (Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Title, Batista vs. Umaga, BunnyMania), good matches (the surprisingly entertaining Floyd Mayweather vs. The Big Show, Triple Threat Match For The WWE Championship), great matches (Edge vs. Undertaker for the Heavyweight Championship, Money In The Bank), and a pretty spectacular match that led most to take out their hankies from their pockets and wipe that wet spot from their eyes (Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels).

    What made the event better was the fact that my friends and I were watching it in a movie house with other wrestling fans. Everybody cheered and booed for their favorite wrestlers, which made me think that this is perhaps the closest thing I would get to a WWE stadium (not counting the possibility of me watching a future WWE tour in the Philippines).

  • Finally, the long wait is over as Meshuggah finally released their latest Magnum Opus entitled obZen. It's pretty standard Meshuggah fare with discordant riffs, impeccable drumming, and mind-blowing use of time signatures. They seemed to have continued from their previous releases (Catch Thirty-Three, I), which is definitely fine by me. And for the record, "Bleed" stands along "New Millennium Cyanide Christ," "Abnegating Cecity," "Cadavrous Mastication," "Rational Gaze," and "Shed" and one of its best songs ever.

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