Sunday, May 11, 2008

Author's Thoughts On Getting A Haircut

The owner of the page authorized a particular person to ask him question regarding having a haircut. The conversation is unedited and is true to the transcript.

Person: How long has it been since you last had your haircut?
Damned In Blue: Roughly a year ago, around May, but that was because I wanted to trim a certain part of my hair. As for the last time I underwent a drastic change with the help of a barber's pair of shears, that was March of last year when I traded in my puffy-looking do for the bald look.

P: What was the initial reaction of people around you after the haircut?
DIB: Of course, they were surprised, and with good reason. I wasn't the cleanest-looking guy they know, and for them to see me begin anew with my clean-cut look would at least come as a surprise.

P: Of course, it wasn't easy deciding whether or not you should have your haircut.
NIB: Definitely. For me, having a haircut is like a baptism or sorts, where I "renounce" my former life and trade in a clean slate where I could begin anew. I remember one time when a classmate of mine in college asked me if I had my haircut because of a girl (I also had a puffy-looking do before I went for the semi-bald image), and I simply had to let out a smile because it was kind of true, and I want to get rid of anything associated with that part of my life for the sake of beginning anew, even if it means cutting my pretty locks.

P: For the record, they're not locks, and they're not fucking pretty.
DIB: I know, I know. Jeez, buy yourself some funny bones, will you?

P: How does it feel getting your haircut?
DIB: Excellent question. It could either be the best or worst thing that one could ever do to himself. On the one hand, as I've mentioned, getting yourself a haircut could simply be a way pf shedding yourself from previous experiences that you simply want to get rid of, allowing you to start life without the burdens of the past. On the other, having your haircut for the wrong reasons could easily make it one of the things you'll even regret in your life. Imagine growing your hair down to your back, only to have it cut because it's hot or you simply felt having one.

In my case, I felt a sudden rush of exhilaration and sadness at the same time. I was excited to move on from obsessing for a long hair to simply getting a short hair that's maintenance-free. At the same time, having my hair cut is symbolic of severing your ties with the past. I always believe that having a haircut does not merely serve an aesthetic purpose, but it's also a way of reinventing the self from his previous excursion with life, purifying him from experiences that tainted his memories, and desiring to begin anew. In order words, Tabula Rasa, meaning "a clean slate".

P: That's similar to Georges Bataille's concept of mortifying and subjecting man's body through the severance of the limbs, which proves to purify man mentally and spiritually, albeit in the most gruesome manner possible.
DIB: Yes, but I'm not morbid enough to split ways with my hand just yet! (laughing)

P: Back to the haircut, what particular emotion prevails now that you'd have a different look.
DIB: I would have to say that the excitement and the satisfaction of having a new haircut ultimately prevailed. Although I definitely enjoyed having quite a long hair, it became apparently that I don't have the patience to grow my hair long enough, while the "rocker" stigma given with such a hair didn't help my cause either. Hence, I've decided a haircut that's "functional" and "easy to maintain".

P: You went infomercial about your hair. That's kinda sick, now ain't it?
DIB: Whatever, man.

P: So, where to from here?
NIB: I honestly don't know. I've obviously paved a path towards a new destination, a life without the baggage of extra hair from my previous life. The only thing I'm pretty sure is that I'm gonna play gigs like I came straight from a business meeting with my hair, something that our other guitarist would surely detest. (laughing) Nevertheless, I am quite happy with the turnout and looking forward for things to come.

P: My last question to you is this: what are you really severing from?
DIB: From everything. The shits, the loser moments, the mistakes, and most importantly, my own shortcomings.


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