Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On Job Applications

I enjoy getting interviewed and taking exams for a position in need of my services because I get to dust off the best-looking long sleeves and slacks from my dressers and wear them for the job offer, as well as flexing my intellectual muscles with their challenging exams. Judging from most of the companies I've applied for, I have been rejected only once because my inability to finish their exam, rewriting and condensing a 5,000-word economics article to 3,000, almost got me late with my prior commitment. Not to sound like a braggart, but when you really set your mind into doing something, it almost always follows that you'll get what you want.

I know most people who dislike the prospect of looking for another job, even if it means getting employed to a more profitable position with better career growth and opportunities, simply because they don't feel like it. That's not really such a bad thing, mind you, but you gotta do what's best for yourself.

However, looking too much for yourself can sometimes get the better of you. Case in point, the company I recently applied for in Makati.

I ran half an hour late due to the traffic and pouring rain at that time, but I thought it was going to be fine. Well, it was fine with the people and exam coordinator of the company since they guided me to the testing area, but not with the actually exam.

From my experience, exams are supposed to gauge your skills on that particular position you are applying for and usually consist of three parts: grammar, logic, and specialized test based on your work. However, it was only with this company that I endured and struggled through eight whopping exams within a 4-hour period! The exams are as follows: grammar, specialized test, another grammar exam, two psych exams (!), a logic exam, a write-up about yourself, and ANOTHER godforsaken grammar exam. By the time the logic exam kicked in, I was cursing and mumbling to myself on the absurdity of it all. Although the exhaustive and thorough examination has a purpose to serve, it was just unnecessary excessive and mind-numbing, especially the psych test that I feel should be scrapped. Then again, who cares about what I think?

Due to my weariness and confusion, I decided to screw with the remaining half of the exam since I had a feeling that my boorish attitude was overpowering any logical thought of trying to do well with the test. With everybody done since they started on time, I went out the room at exactly 6 p.m. semi-pissed after having skipped lunch for this downfall. Clearly not exactly the best day for me.

However, a week after the memorable exam of miserable proportions, I got a call from their HR department regarding an interview with the company for a job consideration. Strangely enough, I passed the exams.

Oh, the irony is killing me.


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