Thursday, October 16, 2008

On Changes

  • Theme. It was only more than a year ago that I used black fonts over a pain white background for my blog site. Now, I return to my yellow on blue theme that graced the first few month of activity in my oh-so-precious blog. Really now, this isn't news. But what is?

  • Sounds. These past few weeks, in an attempt to freshen things up, I am currently listening to Mos Def, Talib Kewli, The Roots, BEP pre-Elephunk, and the Roots, as well as a handful of rap artists. Since then, I can't say that my day has been complete without listening to Dr. Dre's "Fuck You." My apologies to the metal community.

  • Norm. After weeks of bitching and whining silently like still water over my new work title and the burdensome responsibility that comes with it, I have come to a epiphany that, yes, I actually can handle this shit. Being the reluctantly willing guy to be sacrificed for an impossible project, I've seen and felt worse, but none of which involved a dick to be stuffed in my asshole. A cup of coffee, Cobra Energy Drink, and an FX ride straight to home are all I need.

  • Over. The semester, that is. No more studying and cramming for almost a month. Not that I did much studying anyway.

  • UneasinessIt's perhaps the first time this year that I genuinely don't have much to do for the day, but I seem to end up writing unsubstantial and prosaic crap happening in my life. Could it be that I'm a transcendent collection of organized thoughts trapped in boring day-job activities and nonchalant musings in my cubicle? We'll see.


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