Sunday, October 26, 2008

On Shameless Plugs

I don't usually promote stuff in my blog, but I will have to make an exception with this entry. My friend just recently put up his dental clinic called Go Smile! and just like any other start-up business, its word needs to be sprad. Not that this is going to make a whole lot of difference, but this is doing my part of promoting his puny-ass clinic (at least for now).

Go Smile! Dental Clinic is located at Manggahan, Pasig, in front of the Sta. Lucia Parish Church. The facilities are new, which makes for a commendable dental experience, but that's a given already. What's pretty cool with the clinic, however, is that patients can make reservations at any time of the day. I made an appointment at 11 in the evening, no problem. Plus, nobody can simply resist its perky logo.


Our building called for a fire drill one afternoon last week. That meant we had more than an hour to kill before we go back to our normal lives sitting in front of the computer for hours. Some ate, others went to Glorietta to shop, and most played DOTA at the nearest computer shop. I, being the abnormal person that I am, went where no other guy had gone before.

I had the best hour of relaxing Thai massage at TonTon's.

It was an affordable massage (300php) with a comely ambiance to sooth your senses and get you relaxed in no time, i.e. make you fall asleep. My female co-worker was giggling like a Japanese school slut when we entered the place, but by the time the masseuses were stepping on my back and stretching my body like the Golden Arch, it was pure nirvana from that moment on, devoid of cackles and squirms. Sure, I got burn out again after returning to the nightly grind at the cubicle, but work can't take away the effervescent hour of my time at TonTon's. Bitch.


I have a thing for stand-up comedy, which is why I have them playing on my CPU while I'm working. George Carlin and Bill Hicks most definitely rips you a new asshole. In the forehead. Dripping feces and all. Funny stuff.


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