Monday, December 22, 2008

On Cramming Lots Of Things In A Post

I haven't updated this blog since like forever, so bear with my ranting and ravings as I do a brief rundown of the things I've gone through since my last entry, in no particular order:

I saw Sepultura perform at this year's Red Horse Muziklaban. To say that seeing the Brazilian band who influenced me into metal music was awe-inspiring would be an understatement. Originally, I wasn't planning on seeing them since the band has changed their lineup from the time I was really into them and their musical style has morphed into something I've never thoroughly enjoyed, but since I got free passes for the event, fuck it, I'm seeing them! Never have I imagined that I would witness them performing their trademark songs live, but I just did, a couple of feet away. Unreal. Simply put, highlight of 2008.

While I was burning the midnight oil in the office days ago, a person whom I haven't talked to for almost two years messaged me on my computer. Things ended in an abrupt and awkward fashion between us the last time we chatted, but having her message me and asking me how things are felt were quite a relief. A lot changed between our period of estrangement and I think that's a swell thing. She's doing well, I'm doing fine and dandy, and that's that. More importantly, I think we're back on communicating terms again. A nice complimentary gift before wrapping up the year that was.

A year ago, if you asked me my favorite animated movie, Ratatouille would be my unquestioned pick. However, after purchasing and watching the Wall-E 2-Disc Special Edition, this year's blockbuster Disney Pixar film blows and owns last year's hit in emphatic fashion. Although the veneer of the film is primarily a visual treat and geared for kids, the underlying theme and substance of the movie is, for a lack of a better word, awesome. Quote me when I say this: Best movie of 2008.

I saw Elf (Will Ferrell) again just before Christmas Day. It has become an annual thing for me to see the film and get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Santa ain't real, and Christmas is just way to get people to empty their pockets, but damnit, I feel helpless whenever Buddy gets the Holiday cheer in full throttle.

God, shoot me now.

I recently got a taste of the latest drink in bars and restaurant, Gilbey's Premium Strength. It's goes down smooth and straight, but the alcohol takes effect the moment you least expect it. BAM. Just. Like. That.

Yesterday, some of the iWeb people got together to celebrate the blessing (or lack thereof in their case) of the year that will pass. After not seeing them for like forever, It's great to be back with familiar people talking about not being a virgin, being in a relationship with a former student, and, of course, lame-ass jokes.

I still hate my job. Surprise, surprise.

So this is how I end my last post for the year? Pretty damn appropriate, if you ask me.


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