Saturday, January 3, 2009

On Resolutions

I love resolutions because they almost always don't happen. We just plan on doing useless stuffs to start the year in order to turn a new leaf, only to lose interest mid-year because, well, we didn't change. We never do. Which is fun.

Now it's my turn.

  • Learn how to cook. At the very least, I should be able to prepare a semi-difficult dish, like Valenciana or something.

  • Play the guitar at least an hour a day. I simply lost my chops (not that I had a lot, mind you) because I meddle on menial things. After getting my mojo back, I'll record the riffs I make using Sonar or something so I can put them to use for the band or some other project.

  • Invest on guitar effects in search of the perfect sound.

  • Hopefully resign from my current work. Seriously.

  • Upgrade our car. Change the stereo, have it tinted, change its color, furnish the interior, put some weird shit on it. Anything.

  • Buy a laptop and use it to set up a site with a concept never thought of before. Like bungee jump porn.

  • Read Philippine Literature. Get acquainted with its history and obscure works so I can use them to pimp my social networking profiles using its quotes and stories.

  • Try not to obsess on being unable to become a comic collector. Shit.

  • Finish weffriddles this year. Ha!

  • Complete Haruki Murakami novels.

  • Watch Pulp Fiction. God, please.

  • Have a theme song before summer, like a "Cayman Island" by Kings of Convenience, to make that period much memorable to me. Summer is important to me, y'know?

  • Hopefully not go back to adult writing.


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