Saturday, March 21, 2009

On Citing Sources

I have been keeping a secret for almost a week now, but now is probably the time to finally reveal it. Just so you know, what I'm about to say wouldn't really be a big deal unless you really care about me (I doubt), but here goes nothing.

One of my write-ups was cited as a reference in Wikipedia.

Whoopee-fucking-do, right?

A couple of years ago, I volunteered to be a staff writer for Daily Vault, an online music album review site. I wrote a piece about At The Gates' Slaughter of the Soul (a damn fine album), and sent it to them in hopes of getting accepted. Luckily for me, they liked the work and took me for the spot as writer with an alias of Benny Balneg. For almost two years, I was able to conjure my inner asshole and lambasted albums that I felt weren't worth shit. However, for every album that royally sucked cock, there were albums that gave me an awesome boner. Hence, I subjected them to praises of the highest order, or something.

Even though I have to pretend having authority and passing judgment over art and its delicate excesses (at least on my part), I enjoyed the job. Sure, I didn't get paid for my work, but the promotional albums I got from indie bands and artists were more than enough.

After almost two years of my online journalistic pursuits, I stopped writing. I moved on. Simple as that.

During my moments devoid of inspired activity a couple of days ago, I searched for my name in Google just for kicks. After the results appeared, I saw a site return of "Do The Bartman" entry on Wikipedia with my name on it. With intense curiosity, I opened the page.

I wrote a review of The Simpsons Sing The Blues for Daily Vault. Barring any sentimental bias I harbored for the album, since it happens to be the first album I brought off record bars with my Dad, it was one of those albums that failed to give me wood, but thoroughly loved it nevertheless. Just to quote from my review:

I cannot gloat further at the fact that The Simpsons Sing The Blues is the perfect musical accompaniment to the show’s quirky appeal. For those planning to revel in the brilliance of the television series, and even for those interested in unlocking the secret of the show’s success, now is the time to get your blues on.

Damn right. Anyway, back to the Wiki page. Scrolling down to the Reception part of the entry was a line that kinda, nay, totally blew me away.
The Daily Vault's Benny Balneg liked that the song disengaged itself from the album's "blues tag" and incorporated more "contemporary elements" into its sound. He added that he thought the song had a "catchy beat" and an "infectious chorus".

After reading this, I turned off the computer, took a bath, and went to sleep.

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