Monday, April 6, 2009

On Silent Waters Running Dead

I went under a lot of construction during the past few weeks.

During hard times when I have to release the anger vent up inside to somebody or something without looking like a complete douche after, I have to look for avenues where I can channel said emotion into something less destructive.

I erased my Facebook account for the time being. The reason? Something’s got to give. I didn’t have the cajones to erase either my Multiply or Myspace accounts because a lot of memories have been invested on them throughout the years.

I eat lunch alone. There’s no better company for loneliness than with two sticks of Phillip Morris and a tuna sandwich while sitting on the table outside the dining area without a view. But who am I kidding? Regardless of my feelings, I am always alone during the day.

But everything’s okay now.

I almost didn’t get to see Wrestlemania 25 until I phoned my friend and asked if I could watch it at his place, since our cable provider does not air the channel that shows the granddaddy of all wrestling events. Here are my thoughts about the whole shebang:

  • WWE threw a swerve when it had CM Punk win the Money in the Bank. It’s not half as bad as you’d think, considering that Punk gets to show more of his worth the second time around. But what about Kane? Fact: his Wrestlemania moment has been long overdue especially after being bombarded with witless angles (Katie Vick, anyone?) while remaining loyal to the company over the years. Fact: His movie, See No Evil, released in 2006 grossed more than any of the John Cena and Steve Austin movies did when they hit cinemas, making him a much more appealing star that has the potential to cross over the mainstream and bring the wrestling industry a whiff at the limelight.
  • Undertaker winning against HBK could have done without those annoying near-falls that disregarded the legitimacy of their finishers. (I know this is professional wrestling, so establishing objective grounds to argue for realism is like pitching water with your hands. But hear me out for a minute here.) There were at least three near-falls that could have been shaved off to make the match tighter around the edges. Don’t get me wrong; the dark vs. light theme made for a great spectacle – fantastic, even – as witnessing two of the best Wrestlemania slug it out in a five-star classic easily resulted in the best match of the evening…
  • …but the best moment of the night goes to Santina Marella winning the 25-Driva Battle Royale to determine Ms. Wrestlemania. Heel-larious.
  • With all due respect, Snuka looked like he was pulled out from the geriatric ward and injected with lots of sedatives. Goddamn.
  • I took a bath, brushed my teeth, slept a little, had a bad dream, felt like I died a little, woke up, surfed the internet for a while, went fishing at a nearby lake by myself WHICH I NEVER DO BECAUSE THERE'S NO LAKE AROUND OUR PARTS, and Undertaker is still walking on the aisle to the ring. Can’t the guy walk any slower?!?
  • The main event of HHH vs. Orton, although solid as a concrete wall, was not able to generate, or at least maintain, momentum and crowd interaction that it wished it had. Sad.
Thank God I didn’t watch the live screening of Wrestlemania 25 that cost 300php in cinemas at nine in the morning because that would’ve pissed me off. Aside from the ones I mentioned, nothing really made an impression to me. Better luck next year, I suppose.

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