Wednesday, May 27, 2009

But Wait! There's More!

Enter the coolest blog ever. And no, this is not about piss sex.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is No More

That's it folks.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Familiar Faces

First off, let me do a senseless rave about my new blog skin. It looks friggin' awesome! The blue-lit buildings make for an appropriate backdrop sympathizing with my mediocre writing. I know this is one of those things that doesn't affect lives or something, but as damnation beckons, this is the shit, folks!

Last Friday featured the complete TPG (Trailer Park Guys. Don't ask.) on their very first group outing since the summer of 2006 in Zambales. The difference is that we went to a pool resort in Antipolo, which happens to be a far cry from the beaches everybody is frequenting to this time of the year. On the upside, it really didn't matter because we sang, smoked, and swam like there's no tomorrow. I also learned how to do a back flip pool dive, which is the highlight of the whole 12 hours we're on the resort. It's all about conquering your fear and disconnecting yourself from your physical state.

It's also strange to think that, back in 2006, almost everyone was single and fresh from the rigors and drudgery of school. Now, everybody's brought their beaus and appears to have been seasoned by the years of either working our asses off in the corporate world or sleeping through the boring lectures of college professors. This is just another way of saying that we've all gotten older and progressing with our premeditated existence. However, we're still the same despite it all. We still love to sing crappy songs on the karaoke and know who to mix awesome cocktail drinks.

The next day, I met another group of people whom I owe all the pleasure to have known in my professional life, the Webdate gang. (Notice how I talk about the same group of friends on my posts? I thrive in repetition.) Everybody was almost there (Seriously, can't we all be complete just this once?) but we met at such an unfortunate condition -- the father of one gang passed away this week. It's funny to think how death binds people together for the purpose of paying respect to the fallen and his/her family members. But then again, I really can't put too much thought about it. Life is short, which is why I try to hang out with the guys every now and then. My stay with the girlfriend was succinct, but it packed lots of laughter from start to end. The irony stings a bit after realizing that we're having a blast at a funeral home, but the group pretty much finds comfort in the strangeness of it and makes good in any situation we're put in. Again, never a dull moment with these guys.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm always dropping emotional turds whenever I start writing from this pathetic page of mine, but screw it. Everybody knows I'm square, so let's leave it at all, shall we?

Since taking that damned article writing job I've learned to hate before but have now taken comfort in doing for the unholy purpose of additional income (or lack thereof, but more on that later), I have lost the urgency to write something substantial in my blog. No surprise there. My added skill of producing a 450-word article in 40 minutes on a constant basis (although not anymore, but read on) has greatly compromise by ability to really write. You know, something that has nothing to do with search engine optimization, keyword density, niche sites, and countless other internet marketing jargon that has zero value in actual life.

Aside from that, morale in my professional life is currently at its roller coaster stage. Although I experience this feeling of elation with regard to the nature of work in my full-time endeavor, this certain emotion only takes course once a week when we actually have something to do. The other four days are ruled by the falling sensation of idleness due to the instability of the project when in comes to handing out daily tasks. As a result, I am left clueless from the whole ordeal. Come to think of it, the hard times when I felt hammered and pummeled by 15 hours worth of corporate slavery is way better than what I'm going through right now. At least I felt something back then. Now, zilch.

Outside the workplace and into the throes of summer, the season has shaped up to be a bore, where the unpredictability of not only the weather, but everything in general has ruined plans of days in the sun and sand. There's really no use in comparing, but when I think about the glorious days of summers past, I think of Puerto Galera where I ran its shores and screamed "Pakyu Ateneo!" in all my drunken awesomeness, Zambales with our soccer matches with the Koreans, and Potipot for, well, scandalous videos we made in its unadulterated white sands. On the upside, May is still on its way, so there's hope for some bigger shitstorm in store. Yes, something more to write about!

God, there's really nothing fun to actually write about, save one -- the Webdate gang. Met a couple of the guys after work last week, and despite not having the whole group to sit down, drink alcohol, and let our collective stupidity take hold of our actions, there always has been a constant product of our fortunate meetings. There's no minute wasted, as the air becomes colored with white hot smoke and uncompromising slurs, and everybody sings "Nobela" by Join The Club in unison at some shoddy videoke bar. It's always a fucking pleasure.

The turds have stopped.

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