Saturday, April 8, 2006

Adidas Adicolor 2006

The Adicolor Series 2006
Colored individualities

For those colors which

You wish to be beautiful,
Always first prepare
A pure white ground

—Leonardo da Vinci

ART begins from the ground up. It starts from an idea before blossoming into something far greater than itself. A successful art is an ultimate expression of the self, something that is capable of captivating people’s hearts and inspiring a movement. Art is also a celebration of the creativity that one possesses and nurtures, giving way to the endless possibilities in His creations.

As all great things start from somewhere, sports brand adidas’s newest line began with its signature canvas training shoes, and for its design, gathered the imagination of some of the most creative personalities to execute their colorful expressions on the footwear. The result is the Adicolor 2006 collection, which according to the brand celebrates “self-expression and customization.”

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