Sunday, April 23, 2006

Johnny Alegre Affinity, and Paul Magat

I saw them perform at CCP Liwasang Kalikasan in celebration of Earth Day 2006. With all due respect to the challenging guitar playing of Mr. Alegre (top middle), Mr. Koko Bernajo (top right) takes the cake with his performance loaded with fills but still keeping check with the song's time signature. Pretty arresting stuff.


Speaking of drum gods, I witnessed Paul Magat in action with Hellfire Theory at Greenvine, Malate. Hindi siya tao.


Anonymous said...

thats bulsh*t, he does shit on his pants most of the time , specially when he's playing the " out tunnatic" thing, he even eats his slippers during night thinking that it was his fave pancake like saturday cartoon TV shows,, in short.. brief..hehehe nice blog.. im gonna enjoy this shit...heheh

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