Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Year-End Status Report

2007 has come and gone, I don't really know where to begin. To be honest, it's not a roller-coaster ride, as everybody would say about their own. Although my year is filled with ups and downs, and the mandatory deep-down-under-that-I-don't-wanna-live-anymore feeling during July and August, I would say the year majority of the year went pretty well, minus the thrills and loops.

Things were unfolding in their boring way (a way which I thoroughly like) outside from the occasional slip-ups that I commit once in a while. However, my year took a tremendous fall from grace just this past week, for reasons that will never be disclosed. Imagine yourself jumping off the top of Mount Canyon, but in this case, the pull of gravity seems to last forever, deceiving me to hold a sense of false hope that I would fly and soar back to the top, until reality smashes my body down the ground. Stupid. The law of gravity states that what comes up MUST DEFINITELY come down, and yet I hoped otherwise.

Which is actually one of the worst feelings in the world -- an undetermined, yet inevitable fall.

People unlike me would probably take my situation with a grain of salt and move on with their lives. However, let me tell you a little secret that most of you unconsciously know about me:

I'm fucking abnormal.

Hence, I don't think I can truly recover from this debacle soon.

But I refuse to show signs of distress. I will not render my feelings to a limp, pathetic state because that's very high school. Thank God I'm old.

I have a saying that I try to follow once in a blue moon, and it goes, "The trick is to not care." However, I do care.

Merry Christmas Everybody!


Paratwa said...

Don't be silly, boy! There's no such thing as "normal". If we're all normal, we'd still be a soup of non-evolved hydrocarbons and stuff.

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