Saturday, September 27, 2008

On More Haggardness And Its Silver Lining

Let's make this a brief and succinct entry, shall we?

After undergoing a ruthless and uncompromising series of events this past week, involving a changed work schedule in the middle of the week, school exams issues, and convoluted band gigs, I engulfed a furious barrage of brandy and gin shots after a nice set with the band to cap off a God-forsaken weekday journey on asinine and rocky grounds. I rode the cab with my group in the middle of the night and woke up sleeping in my room, fresh and clean -- save for a nasty blood clot on my left thumb that probably got caught when I climbed over our spiked gates -- without any recollections of what happened in between. Then again, I really DON'T wanna recall 'em.

In other news, I saw my classes pulling their last few meetings before I can finally live life by adjusting my work schedule to conventional hours and perhaps drinking more alcohol. I have also decided to respectfully turn down an offer to continue working for my part-time job this coming month, due to the fact that I have been "spreading myself too thin" on all my responsibilities. Never a good thing. Lastly, full-time work is on its path of taking shape and form for the good, and I may play a huge part in it.

Brief and succinct indeed.


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