Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On Something Aside From Being Haggard

First off, not that you'd actually care with what I'm about to say, but I am glad to report that my bouts of whatever I was feeling on my previous entry has come and gone like a smelly fart. I no longer harbor any grudges or bad feelings over what transpired during those couple of days. Although my mood swings will get the best of me anytime soon, which then would lead me to write another mysterious rant over something so stupid, I'll just enjoy the giddiness and enthusiasm of the moment, if you don't mind.

Now, onto the awesome and less abstract happenings of my life.

I am currently spending around 12-14 hours in the office trying to beat deadlines and overlook the project, only to fail at doing good on both. As if losing sleep is bad enough. Strangely enough, I'm not complaining. Call me crazy and sexy, but I seem to enjoy the masochistic nature of the corporate environment. Not to mention, a couple of my co-workers seem to not like me, at least from a professional standpoint. I say, "Sfank me!"

I seem to have gotten my wish as things have become a bit edgy and turbulent as of late. From the night telling a former co-worker that I wish to get away from all the streamlined bullshit I've been mechanically doing for the past few months, well, things have become quite a shitstorm since then. No, there's nothing in particular that's wrong with my life -- it's great, in fact -- but there's definitely something not right at the moment. And I have yet to figure things out.

Hot damn I missed writing! And sleeping!


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