Saturday, January 10, 2009

On 100

After four years, I have finally posted my 100th entry in this blog. Yes.

Most people hold a lot of respect for anything that reaches or exceeds up to a hundred, whether it be number of years past, age, or something. It's the longevity that probably gets people wet with adulation and envy at the same time. However, in the realm of blogging, a hundred entries don't mean a lot. Nevertheless, it does mean a lot to me, especially after all these years thinking that this blog won't last very long.

As I've said before, the purpose of this blog is to help me get over the acrid taste left by my final years in college. I do not hold any grudges of studying in the university, don't get me wrong, but the interpersonal experiences that I've had, regardless of how few they were, leave a lot less to be desired. It was the time of my first heartbreak, triggering the Sartre in me to sever myself from human contact, leaving me to have lunch, study in the library, and wait for class to start all by myself. Thus, a chunk of my loner persona permeates a lot through the annals of this blog (if anybody bothered to browse through its lame content).

In the creation of this blog, I intended to puke out all my quirky and strange ways, serving as an outlet to my distaste of things within the periphery of my senses. Uh-oh, post-teen angst alert. But kidding aside, I hated everything back then, which led to the conception of Damned In Blue.

It's been fun to write useless things and compose them as if they mattered to everybody. Nobody really cares if I had an awesome 2006, a renaissance of sorts. I had a kick-ass job that unfortunately had to do with adult writing, a trip to Zambales and Hong Kong that proved to be the turning point of my year, and of course, became finalists of the 2006 Red Horse Muziklaban. Or in 2007, when I went to Bohol and romanced with saltwater and sand. The crazy thing is, I loved every minute of writing them and getting to delve into a side of me that I usually ignore, and waiting for a response for those who take time and read. Kinda like flashing my cock to strangers in the street and checking our their genuine and priceless reactions.

So this entry isn't much of a day-in-the-life-of sort, but it's a tribute to the wasteful three years that I invested for this ass of a blog. And I'm ready for more.


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